The Nia White Belt Intensive

With Nia Black Belt trainers Winalee Zeeb and Caroline Kohles

The Nia White Belt Intensive is the first step on the Nia training path. It will increase your body intelligence, teach you how to prevent injury, and help you learn how your body is designed to work so that you can move with joy for the rest of your life. Following completion of the Nia White Belt, you will be eligible to teach, take the Green Belt, and license as a Nia instructor. All levels and ages welcome. No prerequisites required, other than a love of movement and desire to learn more about Nia and about the human body – your body.

Green Belt Training

With Nia Black Belt trainers Winalee Zeeb and Caroline Kohles

Green Belt is an optional training for those who have completed the White Belt. The Green Belt focuses on developing and embodying the skills to effectively teach Nia, including embodying the choreography, cueing, creating intentional silences, dancing to the music, and helping people achieve their personal fitness goals. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned teacher, Green Belt will further your teaching skills. New teachers develop confidence, craft, and skill by learning and practicing the foundations of teaching. Seasoned teachers refine and deepen their understanding, building on their craft and receiving feedback from peers to deliver the most powerful experience possible.

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